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ME 290: Searching for Publications by Author Name

Researching Publications by Your Instructor

Searching for Publications

To search for publications by one of your instructors you will use the Web of Science database located in the Purdue Libraries' A-Z Database List.

Purdue Libraries' Homepage select Databases

Select W from the alphabet list.

Select Web of Science from the list.


In the search box type in your instructor's last name, comma, the first letter of their first name with an asterisk.* In the drop-down menu on right, select "Author".

Why are you using an asterisk? Locating publications by author names can be complex because most personal names are not unique, name may change over time, there may be cultural differences with name order, publications have different style requirements, and there are often inconsistencies in how first names are represented. In many databases an asterisk symbol * is a wildcard that will represent any group of characters, including no character.  

Type in your instructor's last name, comma, first letter of their first name & an asterisk.


Click to add another field below the first search box.

Type in "Purdue University" in the second search box and select "Organization-Enhanced" from the second drop-down menu on the right. Press "Search"

(NOTE:This strategy will limit your results to only those with "Purdue" in the organization-enhanced field.  This is one way to make sure you are getting results from the correct individual.  If you know of other organizations the individual is (or was) affiliated with (e.g. previous employers, etc), you can also try subsequent searches with those organization names in the "Organization-Enhanced" field.)

Type in Purdue University in the second search box & select Organization-Enhanced from the drop-down menu to the right.

Now you will see a list of publications affiliated with your instructor highlighted in yellow!Results list

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