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Krannert MBA, IMM, MSHRM: Using the Library for Courses Competitions and Internships: Home

Example 1

"I'm looking for some articles on supply chain management theory for Sourcing Suppliers."

My response:

I would look in our article databases. Keywords: "supply chain management" and limit to the last ten years and peer review.

Example 2

"I am participating in Babson Marketing Case Competition. We are in Boston today and working on the case which is due tomorrow. The case is about Dassault Systems and its products. I was wondering if there is any resource in library using which we can get some numbers about brand awareness or sales of different brands."

My Response: 

There’s a report in Frost and Sullivan “Global CAD and Modeling Software Market” (attached)

Also “Advanced Manufacturing. Weld Formation; Molding; Vision-Guided Robot Systems”

If you look in ABInform, there’s a publication called “Design Engineer” where it looks like engineer discuss what products they are using, that might be useful.

“Achieving Interoperability And Collaboration Among Disparate CAD Data” attached from Forrester.

Good luck on the case!

Example 3

"I am doing research about the company and the industry that I will work for after my graduation this may. I was able to gather some info but I think you could guide me to have more insights. This industry is totally new for me so I want to be prepared with useful information before landing there."

My response:

I would start by research the company and then the industry. Use the company's name in the Industries databases to get an idea of the different industries the company competes in.

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