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Maker Tools in the Library: Microcontrollers & Arduino Kits

This guide will assist patrons who plan to borrow various technology items available in the Library of Engineering and Science

How can I borrow a kit?

You can borrow a microcontroller kit for one week at a time.

  • 5 Sparkfun kits available for loan.
  • 3 MakerShed kits available for loan.
  • 5 additional individual Arduinos available for loan.

Where can I borrow a kit?

You can borrow a Microcontroller kit from the Library of Engineering & Science located in the WALC. Go to the Reference Desk located on the 2nd floor, & make sure you bring your PUID!

Available Arduinos & Kits

MakerShed Microcontroller Kits

Sparkfun Inventor Kits

Software & Apps



Arduino Software - "The open-source Arduino Software (IDE) makes it easy to write code and upload it to the board."

MakerShed Microcontroller Kit Specs.

  • Make: Special Edition Arduino Uno R3 SMD
  • MakerShield (Prototyping shield) (1)
  • Micro Servo (2)
  • Mini DC Motor (1)
  • Vibration Motor (1)
  • Force-Sensitive Resistor (2)
  • Tilt Sensor (2)
  • Photo Resistors (2)
  • Thermistor (2)
  • 8-Ohm Speaker with Leads (1)
  • Piezo Buzzer(1)
  • LCD Screen 16x2 (1)
  • Basic LEDs Green (5), Red(5)
  • RGB LEDs (3)
  • Resistors 330-Ohm (10), 10K-Ohm (10), 1K-Ohm (10)
  • Ceramic Capacitors 10nF (10), 100nF (10)
  • Electrolytic Capacitors 100uF (5)
  • 10K Rotary Potentiometer (1)
  • NPN Transistor (1)
  • Mini Pushbuttons (5)
  • DPDT Switch (3)
  • Deluxe Jumper Wire Pack (1)
  • Full Size Clear Breadboard (1)
  • Mini Breadboard (1)
  • Protoboard (2)
  • 9 Volt Battery Holder (1)
  • Heat Shrink Tubing (1)
  • 8-Pin Female Headers (3)
  • 6-Pin Stackable Female Header(1)
  • 8-Pin Stackable Female Header (5)
  • 40-Pin Male Breakaway Headers (2)
  • 40-Pin Male Breakaway Dual-Headers (1)
  • Storage Case (1)
  • Diode, 1N4004 (1)

Unboxing the Maker Shed's Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack.

Microcontroller Applications

If you're just looking for inspiration or want to explore the possibilities of the Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack, check out Maker Shed's Arduino Video tutorials on unboxing and using Arduinos.

  • Maker Shed also has a YouTube channel, Make:, which is loaded with project videos created with Arduinos!

Intro to the Arduino

Potted Plant Protector

LED Matrix Dessert Tray

Sparkfun Inventor Kit Specs.

  • SparkFun RedBoard
  • Arduino and Breadboard Holder
  • SparkFun Inventor’s Kit Guidebook
  • White Solderless Breadboard
  • Carrying Case
  • SparkFun Mini Screwdriver
  • 16x2 White on Black LCD (with headers)
  • 74HC595 Shift Register
  • 2N2222 Transistors
  • 1N4148 Diodes
  • DC Motor with Gear
  • Small Servo
  • SPDT 5V Relay
  • TMP36 Temp Sensor
  • Flex sensor
  • Softpot
  • 6' SparkFun USB Cable
  • Jumper Wires
  • Photocell
  • Tri-color LED
  • Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green LEDs
  • Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green Tactile Buttons
  • 10K Trimpot
  • Piezo Speaker
  • 330 and 10K Resistors

Inventor Kit Applications

If you're just looking for inspiration or want to explore the possibilities of the Sparkfun Inventor Kits, check out their Videos page on their website.

  • This has numerous collections of projects created using inventor kits! They even have a collection titled Engineering Roundtable, which is loaded with various engineering projects using components of inventor kits.

More from MakerShed

MakerShed Arduino Videos - basic introduction videos by Maker Shed on using Arduinos for interactive projects.

Arduino Tutorials - basic instructions on getting started with Arduino.

More from Sparkfun

Inventor Kit Tutorials - useful written tutorials are getting familiar with all that comes in an inventor kit.

Experiment Guide - this guide is helpful in discovering all sorts of things you can do with the inventor kit.

Arduino Tutorials - basic instruction on getting started with Arduino.

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