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HIST 495 Research Seminar in Historical Topics: 1960s America: Home

Provides access to U.S. Government information resources dealing with the 1960s.

U.S. Government Documents

The 1960s is a signficant decade in recent U.S. diplomatic, economic, military, political, and social history.  Purdue Libraries have numerous government documents on this subject which can provide information on this decade and government policymaking.  Examples of subject searches you can do in the Purdue Libraries catalog to find government documents on these topics include:

Civil Rights United States

Johnson Lyndon Baines

United States Economic Conditions 1961-1971

United States Politics and Government 1963-1969
United States Social Conditions 1960-1980
Vietnam War, 1961-1975

Many Libraries books are available electronically.  Information on downloading these books can be found HERE

Journal Article and Newspaper Databases

America:  History and Life Articles from U.S. and Canadian History journals. (Purdue Users Only)

ProQuest Historical Annual Reports (Annual reports from U.S. businesses selling stock.)(Purdue Users Only)
ProQuest Historical Newspapers (articles from major U.S. newspapers)(Purdue Users Only)

Reader's Guide (Articles from popular news magazines)(Purdue Users Only)

Selected  U.S. Government Documents

Example of the multifaceted U.S. Government documents on the 1960s, covering domestic, foreign,military, and social policy, can be found in the following resources:

Statistical Abstract of the United States.  (Annual Census Bureau statistical compilation produced from 1878-2012).
Historical Decennial Population Census 1790-2010 (Excellent source of demographic, economic, and social information for the entire country, states, counties, cities, & urban subdivisions such as census tracts.)

Historical Census of Agriculture (Find agricultural information about states, counties, farm size, production. and many other characteristics.
United States Government Manual (Directory of U.S. govt. agencies and their officials.  Courtesy-Hathitrust Catalog
ProQuest Congressional (Contains the text of many U.S. Government executive branch reports, congressional committee reports of legislation, and the text of congressional debate and recorded votes in the Congressional Record.)(Purdue Users Only)
Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress 1774-Present
LexisNexis Academic (Contains the text of federal and state court legal opinions.(Purdue Users Only)
U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments Griswold v. Connecticut (March 29-30, 1965)(Courtesy:  Oyez University of Chicago Kent School of Law). Case opinion and dissents included here.
United States Statutes at Large (Text of U.S. Public laws from 1951-2011 as passed by Congress & signed by the President)
Local Climatological Data (Weather conditions in selected U.S. locations.)
Public Papers of the President (Contains presidential speeches and policy announcements. (Courtesy:  University of Michigan Library)
Historical Publications U.S. Civil Rights Commission (Courtesy:  University of Maryland Law Library)
Report:  National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (Kerner Commission 1968)
Economic Report of the President (Annual report from the President's Council on Economic Advisors.  Contains individual presidential administration perspectves on economic conditions.)
FRASER (Collection of economic reports and data from several federal agencies including the Federal Reserve Banks, Commerce Department, and Labor Department.  Courtesy:  Federal Reserve of St. Louis.)
What is a Dollar Worth? (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis resource calculating the dollar's value from 1913-present)

Measuring Worth (University of Illinois-Chicago resource on prices and purchasing power)
Prices & Wages by Decade (Courtesy:  University of Missouri Library)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Vault (Contains FBI files on numerous prominent individuals and organizations.)
Foreign Relations of the United States (State Department collection of the official documentary record of U.S. Foreign Policy.)
U.S. Overseas Loans and Grants (Green Book) U.S. Government financial assistance (economic and military) to foreign countries 1945-present)  Courtesy:  U.S. Agency for International Development.
Secretary of Defense Historical Office

U.S. Air Force History Division

U.S. Army Center for Military History Vietnam War Histories

U.S. Marine Corps History Division
Pentagon Papers (Courtesy:  National Archives)
Naval History and Heritage Command
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Freedom of Information Act) Reading Room (Contains historic National Intelligence Estimates)
NASA History Office (Documents NASA's history including 1960s space program.)

Smithsonian Institution Library Digital Collections (Digitized materials  on  multiple subjects.)

Presidential Libraries

Presidential libraries and museums are excellent sources for learning about individual presidents and their policymaking.  Many presidential libraries include primary source policymaking documents on their websites.  Relevant presidential libraries for this course include:

Eisenhower Library (Abilene, KS)
Kennedy Library (Boston, MA)
Johnson Library (Austin, TX)
Nixon Library (Yorba Linda, CA)



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