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VM 820: Suggested Resource for A&I cases: Case #1 [Fall '16]

Suggested lists of resources to support the learning issues identified in specific Applications & Integrations cases

Important databases

CAB Abstracts is the most comprehensive article database for veterinary medical topics, covering over two thousand veterinary journals.

PubMed is the premier database for biomedical and human medical information. Pubmed indexes around ninety veterinary journals.

Use the Library Catalog to find books, including e-books, and to determine whether we have access to specific journal titles. Use CAB Abstracts and PubMed to look for articles.

Google & Google Scholar

It is okay to start looking for information using Google (or internet search engine of your choice). However, using Google Scholar can help you poinpoint more scholarly information. An added benefit to using Google Scholar is that it provides links to full text articles provided by the Purdue Libraries.

If you are off campus, you can edit the Library Links in Scholar Preferences so Google Scholar will continue to highlight the full text that is available through the Purdue Libraries. 

  • Go to
  • Click on the Settings wheel at the top of the page
  • Click Library Links on the left side of the page
  • Select Purdue University - Full Text at Purdue and Purdue University Libraries - Full Text at Purdue.

If you are expected to do a comprehensive literature search, you should consider using some of the scholarly databases provided by the Purdue Libraries.


This is a a suggested list of resources to support the learning issues identified for A&I Case #1.

Subpages within this list of resources include:

  • Basic Sciences - veterinary textbooks useful in understanding various core learning issues within the case. 
  • Clinical Sciences - veterinary textbooks relevant to specific clinical aspects of the learning issues within this case.
  • Medical Terminology provides a online veterinary dictionary and several medical dictionaries, both print and online.
  • Also in many cases this Fall, Added Resources such as additional books, book chapters or journal articles will be added to the list midway through the case.

You can also access the above by scrolling over the above case tab and clicking on the desired subpage.

Although many basic veterinary texts are not yet available electronically, those which we have purchased online access to will be linked and noted in this resource list.   Print textbooks link to their catalog record, allowing you to see if it is temporarily checked out or not. 

Other resources not listed here may be equally useful and should not be overlooked.


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