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Parrish - Stand-Alone Databases

This Guide has helpful information regarding Parrish library's Stand-Alone databases

About Datastream

Thomson Reuters Datastream Professional is a powerful tool that integrates economic research and strategy with cross asset analysis to seamlessly bring together top down and bottom up in one single, integrated application.

Datastream Access

Datastream is only available on a computer located in the Parrish Library on a first-come, first-served basis. Please visit the Parrish Library iDesk during normal library hours to use this resource. 

Login information is provided on the computer.

Datastream User Guide



  1. Open Excel (NOT Datastream)
  2. Click the Add-Ins ribbon and select "Datastream"
  3. Select "Time Series Request"


  • With each search you must open a new Excel Workbook in order to save. If you don't you'll get an error when you run a new search.
  • If you open the Excel files on the Datastream laptop they will likely try and refresh. Opening these files on another computer generally prevents this from happening and allows you to view the data. 


If you need assistance, email, call 494-2920, or visit the Parrish Library iDesk.