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MET/ECET/MFET/TLI Capstone Research Guide: Team Knowledge Management

Dr. Frederick Berry & Dr. Phil Sanger

Microsoft Project

Guides & Tutorials


Collaborative Knowledge & Citation Management Tools

The information in this box is courtesy of Prof. Michael Fosmire.

The following citation management tools enable you to create a customized library of papers for your team.  The tools typically will help you with citation formattting and Mendeley allows you to share your highlights and annotations on documents. 

Collaborative Tools & File Sharing

File Naming Conventions

Stay organized as a team by implementing file naming conventions and structures.  Applying consistent file naming conventions and structures helps team members quickly locate necessary documents, saving time, and reducing confusion and frustration.

Here is an example of an effecive file naming convention: YearMMDD_FirstinitialLastName_Title__version (e.g. 20160803_MPhillips_ProblemDefinition_v1)

More information on File Naming Conventions: