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Parrish - LearnLab Instructional Guide: Introduction

A guide to using an troubleshooting for the technology available in the Parrish Library LearnLab (KRAN 250).

About the LearnLab


The Steelcase LearnLab, located on the second floor of the Krannert Building, was constructed as part of the recent renovations to the Roland G. Parrish Management & Economics Library. This lab serves as a classroom, as well as an open lab for students. It features an instuctor's computer station and podium, 40 computer terminals, 3 interactive "smart boards," and several stations with movable dry-erase white boards. The lab allows for audio from sessions to be captured via BoilerCast. The space is also one of Purdue's approved IMPACT classrooms, which is designed to help instructors focus their courses on more student-centered learning.

LearnLab FAQ

Q: How can I reserve the LearnLab for a class, lecture, or other instructional presentation?

A: You can reserve the Lab for a class by filling out the form located on this page. Priority is given to classes, but otherwise the Lab is available on a first come first serve basis. All requests for reservation are subject to review.


Q: I'm not familiar with the Lab. Is there someone who can show me how it works?

A: Contact the Parrish Library if you would like to see a run-down of how the Lab can be used. Be advised that the lab must be free to enable us to do a tech demonstration, so the earlier you make your request, the easier it will be to schedule a time.


Q: Where is the Lab located?

A: The Lab is located on the second floor of the Krannert Building in the Parrish Library. For more specific directions, feel free to ask at the iDesk or refer to the library map.


Q: Are the computers in the Lab for everyone, or just students in the Management School?

A: Anyone with an active Purdue Career Account can log into the computers in the LearnLab. Any time a class is not in session, the room acts as an open computer lab. This space is also available during the Parrish Library's extended 24/5 hours. Printing is available over the ITaP network.


Q: I want to make a presentation using my own laptop. Is that possible?

A: Yes. There is a standard VGA, audio, and USB connections at the instructor's kiosk. While any computer can project an image, your computer must have the appropriote drivers installed to take advantage of the touch-screen functions of the smart boards. These drivers can be downladed from the PolyVision website.

Contact Parrish Library

Send any questions, suggestions or comments to:

Phone: (765) 494-2920

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