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IMPACT Resources for Teaching and Learning: Beginning Classroom Research

IMPACT SoTL Spotlight

Gregory Nigoghosian, Lauren WeidnerLudmila Nunes, and Trevor Stamper recently presented a poster at the 69th American Academy of Forensic Science Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, USA.

Their poster, "Teaching morphological species identification to forensic science students: Advantages, problems, and results" discusses findings from a study examining how students identify morphological species in the classroom.

Click here for a high-quality, downloadable copy of the poster from Purdue's e-Pubs.  

SoTL @ Purdue

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What is SoTL?

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), refers to "the systematic study of teaching and/or learning of our students and the public sharing of such work through presentations, videos, web representations, performances or publications." (The Office of the Cross Chair in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at Illinois State University)

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