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Featured Site: The National Institute of Food & Agriculture is an Agriculture Dept. agency providing leadership & funding for programs advancing agricultural sciences.

Featured Documents: Her Majesty the Queen v.Gerard  Comeau is a April 19, 2018 Canadian Supreme Court decision upholding Section 121 of the 1867 Canadian Constitution Act and a 1973 New Brunswick provincial act prohibiting New Brunswick residents from purchasing beer from other provinces.  Popularly called the "free the beer" case.

U.S. Trade Representative announcement of Chinese products potentially facing U.S. tariffs.

Serious Violence Strategy:  April 9, 2018 British Home Office document on ways for combating increasing knife crime and homicide.

Parliamentary Approval for Military Action is an April 16, 2018 report by the British  House of Commons Library on Parliament's role in approving military action.

Watch the April 12 Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing on Mike Pompeo's nomination to be Secretary of State.  Indiana Senator Todd Young (R) is a member of this committee and questioned Pompeo.

Watch Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testify before the Senate Judiciary and Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committees on April 10 and on April 11 before the House Energy & Commerce Committee on data protection matters.

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