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Parrish's Database of the Week: Intro

Snapshots of our most useful databases.

Welcome to Database of the Week

Database of the Week is an email sent each Friday during the semester to the faculty, graduate students, and others served by the Parrish Library.

Each email is a snapshot of one of our relevant and beneficial online resources.  It is intended to give a brief introduction to a database that can support research and instruction.

If you would like to be added to the list of those who receive Database of the Week, send an email to

How to Find the Right Database

There are three good ways to find out which database will help with your research question. 

First, go to the Database of the Week tab above and search for your term, such as news, by usng the Find tool in your browser... hit Ctrl F and then enter your term in the search field.

Second, you can go to the Database of the Week tab above and browse the list of databases.  The tags should help.

Third, contact a librarian and ask for a recommendation.

Your Librarian

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Heather Howard
(765) 494-8164