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Copy of How to Conduct a Literature Review: Getting Librarian Help

Based on the Guide created by Michae Pearce at the Univ of Alabama

What to ask a librarian?

Librarians can answer these questions:

1.  What DATABASES should I be using, and why are these the best for my question?

2.  What KEWORDS should I be using, and how do I combine them into a search strategy?

3.  How do it find the THESAURUS (list of terms indexers can assign) for the major database in my field?

4.  How do I find and download the FULL TEXT of articles or books? 

5.  Who can help me learn how to use ENDNOTE or ZOTERO? 

6.  Can I have a CONSULATION with you? 

7.  Can you REFER me to a specialist .... humanities? 

Subject Guide

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