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Copy of How to Conduct a Literature Review: Finding Models

Based on the Guide created by Michae Pearce at the Univ of Alabama

Finding Modesl

Find Models
Use the database in your subject area to find other literature reviews for a model;  examine how authors in your discipline have composed their literature reviews.; look for themes or ways to organize your final review.

Check the bibliography  of articles you've already read.


Here is a sample literature review from an article, including highlighting and notes on the literature reviews.  


(adapted from "The Literature Review"  from Organizing Your Social Research Paper, University of Southern California)

ERIC search for Lit Reviews

ERIC uses the subject headings "State of the Art Reviews" and "Literature Reviews"  

Also try adding the phrase "Narrative Review*"  (the asterick picks up the plural also)  with your subject terms. 

In ERIC try this search string   

DE "State of the Art Reviews" or DE "Literature Reviews" or "Narrative Review*" 




PsycINFO adds "Literature Review" as a METHODOLOGY.   Choose this after you do your subject search.