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Standards are Everywhere: Additional Standards Resources

Standards Resources @ Purdue


J.L. Gbur and D. Solomon, "Promoting Technical Standards Education in Engineering," in 2016 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, 2016 © ASEE. doi: 10.18260/p.26005

  • At Case Western University a workshop was developed in partnership with the Library and the School of Engineering to raise the level of awareness of technical standards and standards usage on campus.

B. Harding and P. McPherson, “What do Employers Want in Terms of Employee Knowledge of Technical Standards and the Process of Standardization?,” in 2010 Annual Conference & Exposition, 2010 © ASEE.

  • This paper shares the results of a survey of employers to determine both the demand by industry for engineering practitioners possessing standardization expertise prior to employment, and the interest in industrial collaboration with local colleges and universities to establish courses on standardization.

A. S. Khan et al., "The State of the Use of Standards in Engineering and Technology Education," in 2013 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, 2013 © ASEE.

  • This articles reports the results of a survey of faculty members conducted to explore the use of standards and regulations in engineering and technology courses, and to identify benchmark practices.

M. Phillips and S. Huber, “Standards Resources for Engineering and Technology,” Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship, Summer 2017. [Online] doi:10.5062/F4B27SJ7

  • This is an annotated list of standards-related websites that covers 1) major standards bodies that create or approve standards frequently used by engineers and technologists 2) standards database aggregators 3) websites that provide free or low cost, full-text access to standards and 4) standards education resources.

M. Phillips and P. McPherson, “Using Everyday Objects to Engage Students in Standards Education,” in 2016 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference Proceedings, 2016 © IEEE. doi:10.1109/FIE.2016.7757698

  • A case study describing the integration of standards education into an undergraduate mechanical engineering technology course. 


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