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Linking to E-Resources at Purdue Libraries: Google Books

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Creating Links for Google Books

To link to a specific Google eBook, use the book’s International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and insert it in the following URL:[add ISBN Number here]



Look for the ISBN at the bottom of the Google Book Search “About this Book” page. If there is no ISBN available, you may be able to use a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) or an Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) record number. Look for LCCN or OCLC numbers in the book’s Catalog or WorldCat record, or ask a librarian for assistance. To create a link with the LCCN or OCLC number, you would add the number to one of these URLs:[add LCCN here][add OCLC here]


For information about additional ways to link to a specific title in Google Book Search, see the Google Static Links page.