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Linking to E-Resources at Purdue Libraries: Databases

Stable links

Using links for Databases, Indexes and Full-Text Collections


Persistent links for most Purdue e-reseach databases can be found by locating a database under the "Database" link on the Library's home page.  and then RIGHT clicking on the database name and copying the link address.

Then, simply copy and paste this URL into your web page.

Here, is the two-step process:

In addition to databases, it is also often possible to link to individual records or items within particular e-resources. Here is an example:

Linking to A Single Entry in the Oxford English Dictionary

1. Connect to the OED from the Database list on the Libraries' Home Page.
2. Locate your word/definition within the OED using the Find Word tool.
3. When your word/definition appears, copy the address in your browser and use it as a persistent URL.