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Linking to E-Resources at Purdue Libraries: Journal Articles

Stable links

Using DOI links

A DOI is an unique identifier that can be assigned to an article, journal or ebook. The DOI is usually listed in an article citation like this:


 Most DOI's can be used to create a stable link  or "persistent link." 

Add the DOI to this basic Purdue URL: 


Creating links to articles

Steps for Linking to Online Journal Articles


1.  Find find the full-text of an article.

     Use the Libraries' Citation Linker, Google Scholar, or any library database. .

2.  Locate the "persistent link" or "persistent URL" or  the "DOI" and copy it.

If you don't see a link, use the examples below to see how specific databases or publishers list the links.  Check Example Links for Specific Resources 

3.  Add the Libraries' proxy server link in front of the "persistent link"  or DOI so off-campus users can retrieve the subscription journals

  • If the link includes the libraries ezproxy, you can use the link just as it is.  
  • If not, you will need to copy/paste this phrase in front of the link or the DOI
  • Example:  

Example Links for Specific Resources

Click on any resource below to see linking instructions:


Cambridge Journals Online


Elsevier ScienceDirect

Ingenta Connect




Oxford Journals

Project Muse



Taylor & Francis Online

Wiley Interscience