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Creating and Editing LibGuides Best Practices: Embed Tutorials from YouTube

Standards, best practices, and training on LibGuides at Purdue.

Step One: In LibGuides

  • Add the Multimedia Boxes type in LibGuides, select "Embedded Media & Widgets" preference
  • Name and place box in your guide

  • Under "Add Media/Widget Code" you can search for widgets/videos already posted in LibGuides or embed from another site

Step Two: In YouTube

  • From YouTube, select "share" button below the video
  • Select "embed" 

  • Copy & paste the code that appears into the "Embed Code" box under "Add Media/Widget Code" in LibGuides
  • You may need to resize width and height according to column or box size in LibGuides. It's best to drop videos in one or close to one-column size layouts.