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Creating and Editing LibGuides Best Practices: Link Checker

Standards, best practices, and training on LibGuides at Purdue.

Using the Link Checker

Use the Link Checker to check for broken links in boxes EXCEPT for Rich Text.

To minimize occurrences of broken links use the permanent URLs listed on the Master Link List guide.

screen shot of My Admin page

Link Checker Report

1. Use the "Link Title" to figure out where the broken URL is on the page.

2. The "Link URL" shows the current broken link.

3. Use the "Guide Name" to see which guide contains the broken link.

screen shot of Link Checker page

Edit Link Tool

1. Use "Guide Name" to navigate to the guide and find the broken link.

2. Use the "Edit Link Tool" to replace the broken link with the current URL.

3. The changes may not go into effect immediately.

screen shot of Edit Link tool