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Creating and Editing LibGuides Best Practices: Adding Boxes

Standards, best practices, and training on LibGuides at Purdue.

Rich Text Box

The Rich Text/Dynamic Script Box. This box does not track link statistics, but is good for a variety of content.

Simple Web Links

Ideal for quick links, and allows you to hover over a link and get more info.

Links and Lists

Allows users to rate the links; has a blue i for more info and a space for annotating links (1-2 sentences max). Also tracks link statistics.

RSS Feed

Add an RSS Feed; limit the number of items listed
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Reuse Existing Box

Reusing an existing box will save time and improve consistency. You can link to a box or copy it into your guide.

  • Under "Add New Box" on a guide page, choose "Reuse Existing Box"
  • Select the guide which contains the box you wish to reuse.
  • Rename the box title if applicable
  • If you want to copy the box and make changes, choose"Make a copy of this box..." Do not select this option if you want updates to the parent box to automatically carry over to your box.

Books from the Catalog

Link users to the catalog; use the ISBN to import the cover from Amazon or Syndetic

Embedded Video

Add a short video from the Purdue Libraries YouTube channel or embed one from the LibGuides Community. Add videos in the center column for best display.

Documents & Files


You can add handouts to your guide in almost any format you wish. Files are stored on LibGuides server.

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