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Creating and Editing LibGuides Best Practices: Profile Customization

Standards, best practices, and training on LibGuides at Purdue.


  • Your profile box automatically defaults to show up on every tab, but is only required on the first.
  • Include your contact information
  • Standardize the name of your profile box "Contact" or "Your Librarian"
  • Separate subject specialties by commas
  • If there are several authors/contributors pick lead author or lead library to highlight as contact.

Font Styles

To meet accessiblity standards, keep the font style simple:

  • Font is the same size throughout
  • Use bold or underline to highlight important words/phrases
  • Font is the same color throughout

Your Profile

Guide authors are asked to upload a photo or the Libraries' stock profile photo

1. From your admin page, click on "Customize your profile."

2. Under "Profile image," choose "Use a file from my computer" to upload an image of your choosing.

  • Upload personal photos for patrons to indentify the contact person (head shots are preferable).
  • Upload pictures of the library when anyone can be contacted for further information. 

Adjusting Column-Width

The best way to customize your guide and make the most of the available space is to adjust the width of the columns.

  • In Command Bar under "Add/Edit Pages"
  • Resize columns
  • Use the default options or customize

It's best to stick to the 3 column style on the first page, and then switch to a 2 or 1 column style