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Chemical and Physical Property Information: Phase Diagrams

Chemical information resources useful for finding chemical and physical properties, as well as more specific resources dealing with spectral, thermodynamic, crystallographic, safety, and phase diagram information.


Finding Phase Diagrams in Print

Binary Alloy Phase Diagrams, 2nd ed. (vols. 1-3)
(Engineering Reference 669.94 B51 1990)
Part of the ASM Alloy Phase Diagrams Center described above.

Constitution of Binary Alloys, 2nd ed.
(Chemistry Reference and Engineering Reference 669.7 H19aE2)

Handbook of Binary Phase Diagrams (vols. 1-3)
(Engineering Reference 669.94 M723b 1978)

Handbook of Ternary Alloy Phase Diagrams (vols. 1-10)
(Engineering Reference 669.94 V713h 1995)
Part of the ASM Alloy Phase Diagrams Center described above.

Landolt-Bornstein, New Series, Group IV, Volumes 5a (Ac-Au ... Au-Zr) and 5c (Ca-Cd ... Co-Zr) cover selected Binary Alloy systems.
(Chemistry Reference 530.09 L23z n.s.)

Pearson's Handbook of Crystallographic Data for Intermetallic Phases
(Engineering Reference 669.9 P319h)

Phase Diagrams for Ceramists (vols. 1-13)
(Engineering Reference 666 L578p)
Part of the American Ceramic Society Phase Diagrams Online described above.

Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Data Collection
(Chemistry Reference 541.363 G529v 1977)