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Sociology: Data Sets /Data Curation

These tabs provide links to information relating to the subject of Sociology.

Data Sets /Data Curation /Data Storage Options

The Purdue Libraries provides access to a number of sites for data education, research, analysis, deposit, preservation, and access.



Purdue Initiatives:


Data Storage Options at Purdue (Comparison Chart comparing/contrasting data storage options)


Purdue University Research Repository (PURR) (Libraries)


Purdue Data Depot (ITaP)


Distributed Data Curation Center (D2C2)


DataBib (listing of online repositories containing research data) NOW RE3data


Data Curation Profiles Toolkit



ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research)


Data Documentation Initiative (DDI)

National Science Foundation Initiative/Requirements:

Data Management Plan Requirement for NSF


Databases:  (Demographic projections for global regions and countries)

Statistical Datasets


Proquest Stastical Insight

Subject Guide

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