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Government Documents on Homeland Security: Legal and Regulatory Sources

Government Documents on Homeland Security


A variety of print and online legal reference sources are available providing information about U.S. Government homeland security laws and regulations. These include:

Compilation of Homeland Security Related Executive Orders...1927-2009
and HERE up to 2016
Slip Laws HSSE DOC Reference AE 2.110
U.S. Statutes at Large HSSE Reference 345.11 Un3
U.S. Code  (Title 6) HSSE Reference 345.11 Un3co
Code of Federal Regulations (Title 6) HSSE Reference 353.005 C64
Federal Register HSSE Reference 353.005 Un34
List of Sections Affected HSSE Reference 353.005 C64a
Unified Agenda (Features announcements of anticipated federal regulatory actions twice a year in the Federal Register.) (Comment on proposed federal regulations.)

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