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Government Documents on Water: Foreign and International Government

Government Documents on Water

Foreign and International Government

Foreign & International Government Organizations

Australia Murray-Darling Basin Authority 

Australia National Archives Snowy Mountains Scheme Employment Records

Australia Parliament House of Representatives Standing Committee on Agriculture & Water Resources

Australia Dept. of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population, & Communities

Australia Snowy Hydro

Environment Canada Freshwater Website
Canada Parliament House of Commons Standing Comm. on Natural Resources
Canada National Water Research Institute
Fisheries & Oceans Canada-Canadian Waters

European Environmental Agency Water Page

European Union Inland Waterways

European Union Water Protection & Management

FAO Water Resources Page

France Ministry of Sustainable Development

France National Assembly Committee on Sustainable Development & Spatial Planning

Germany Bundestag (Parliament) Committee on the Environment, Natural Conservation, & Reactor Security 

Germany Federal Ministry for the Environment, Natural Conservation, & Reactor Security 

Great Lakes Commission
India Ministry of Water Resources
International Joint Commission (U.S.-Canada)

International Water Management Institute

Japan Ministry of the Environment Water Information

Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment (Water Management)

Russia-Water Resources Agency

South Africa Dept. of Water Affairs

United Kingdom Dept. of Business, Innovation, & Skills-Flood & Coastal Defence Studies

United Kingdom Environment Agency

United Kingdom Parliament House of Commons Environment, Food, & Rural Affairs Committee

UNESCO Water Portal
United Nations Environment Program Freshwater

UNEP Global Environmental Watering System

Water Scarcity:  Examining Impacts Around the World (Courtesy:  STRATFOR (non-governmental)

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