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Government Documents on Space Policy: U.S. Government Internet

Government Documents on Space Policy

U.S. Government Internet

Internet Resources
Increasing volumes of government information can be found on the Internet. The
Purdue Libraries Government Documents Department homepage
is a good starting point. Federal Digital System (FDSYS)  provides one stop access to all federal legal, legis-
lative, and regulatory information sources such as the U.S. Code, congressional bills,
and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Other useful U.S. Government space
policy Internet resources include:

HathiTrust Catalog (Selected resources from CIC institutions)

Air University National Space Studies Center 

Air University Press

Defense Dept. Executive Agent for Space  Staff
National Security Space Strategy (2011)

National Archives Federal Records Groups (Find federal agency records organized by Records Group (RG)

National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)

HERE for selected fulltext Hathitrust catalog documents.

NASA History Office

HERE for selected fulltext Hathitrust catalog documents

Key Documents in the History of Space Policy
NASA Inspector General
NASA Office of Legislative Affairs
Goddard Institute for Space Studies

HERE for selected fulltext Hathitrust catalog documents

Goddard Space Flight Center

HERE for selected fulltext Hathitrust catalog documents.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

HERE for selected fulltext Hathitrust catalog documents.

Johnson Space Center

HERE for selectd fulltext Hathitrust catalog documents.

Kennedy Space Center
Stennis Space Center
Human Spaceflight
International Space Station
Space Shuttle Mission Information
NASA Technical Report Server (Includes National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA) Reports)
Commission on the Future of the U.S. Aerospace Industry
National Space Science Data Center
U.S. Air Force Space Command
FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation
Columbia Accident Investigation Board
Department of State-Office of Space & Advanced Technologies
President's Commission on Implementation of U.S. Space Exploration Policy (2004)
National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Committee See also for Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) information.
President's Office of Science & Technology Policy
Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee(Established 2009)

Committee on Human Spaceflight (National Academy of Sciences)(2012-2014)(Purdue President Mitch Daniels Co-Chaired this Committee)
Its final report is Pathways to Exploration:  Rationales and Approaches for a U.S. Program of Human Space Exploration (2014)

Space & Defense (U.S. Air Force Academy Eisenhower Center for Space & Defense Studies)

Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority

Space Florida (Florida's state government space agency)

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