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Government Documents on Space Policy: Reference

Government Documents on Space Policy


Examples of other U.S. Government space policy publications include:

United States Government Manual HSSE DOC AE 2.108/2 & HSSE Periodicals HSSE 353 Un35
National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) Annual Report (1915-1958) HIKS REPO 629.5 Un3
Spinoff (NASA Annual Report) PHYS NAS 1.1/4:
U.S. Code (Titles 42 and 51) HSSE REF 345 Un3co

Code of Federal Regulations (Title 14)

Federal Register

HSSE REF 353.005 C64
NASA History Series ENGR NAS 1.21: and ENGR & HSSE various locations
NASA Technical Memorandums ENGR TECH RPTS MF NASA_TM
NASA Contractor Reports ENGR TECH RPTS 629.5 Un31crt & ENGR MF NAS 1.26:
NASA Tech Briefs ENGR TECH RPTS 629.5 Un31tb &
ENGR MF NAS 1.29/3-2:
NASA Technical Paper ENGR TECH RPTS 629.5 Un31tp & ENGR MF NAS 1.60:
NASA Reference Publications EAS, ENGR, & HSSE NAS 1.60:

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