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Government Documents on Nuclear Energy: U.S. Government

Government Documents on Nuclear Energy

U.S. Government

Numerous U.S. Government agencies produce nuclear energy publications. Examples of these historical resources include:

Atomic Energy Commission
(This agency served as the U.S. Government�s principal nuclear
energy regulatory agency until 1974.)

AEC National Archives Records

ENGR (various locations)
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
(Since 1974, this agency has served as the U.S. Government�s
principal civilian nuclear energy regulator.)
WALC Y 3.N 88:
Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board WALC  Y 3.N 88/2:
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
(This agency is responsible for overseeing operating and safety conditions atthe Energy Department�s defense nuclear facilities.)
HSSE DOC & MF Y 3.D 36/3:
Defense Threat Reduction Agency WALC MF D 15

U.S. Department of Energy (various divisions)

Energy Dept. National Archives Records


Energy Information Administration

Energy Information Administration (EIA) (Hathitrust records)


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