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Government Documents on National Security Policy: National Security Policy Journals

Government Documents on National Security Policy


U.S. Government National Security Policy Journals

Air Force Journal on Indo-Pacific Affairs (NEW)

Air Force Posture Statements
Air Land Sea Bulletin
Air & Space Power Journal (Formerly Air Power Journal) HSSE 629.505 Ai 68

Annual Report on Military Power of the People's Republic of China (2002-2008), 2009,


Army Lawyer
Army Space Journal

Army War College Review

Asia-Pacific Defense Forum

China Brief (Non-governmental) 

CTC Sentinel

Dialogo:  Forum for the Americas

Eurasia Daily Monitor (Non-governmental) 

 Foreign Area Officers Association (FAOA) Journal (non-governmental)

George Mason University National Security Law Journal (non-governmental)

Global Terrorism Analysis (Non-governmental)

Harvard Law School National Security Journal (Non-governmental)

High Frontier:  The Journal for Space & Cyberspace Professionals

Homeland Security Affairs:  The Journal of the NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security (NEW)

Interagency Journal

IoSphere:  The Professional Journal of Joint Information Operations (2012-2015)

Joint Force Quarterly

HSSE DOC D 5.20:

Journal of Energy Security (Non-governmental)

Journal of International Security Affairs (Non-governmental)

Journal of Strategic Intelligence

Journal of Strategic Security (Non-governmental)

Long War Journal (Non-governmental)

Marine Corps University Journal

Militant Leadership Monitor (Non-governmental)

Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin

Military Law Review

  Military Review

NATO Review

   Naval War College Review








HSSE 355.005 P212


HSSE 327.05 N227

North Caucasus Analysis (Non-governmental)

Nuclear Weapons Journal

Operational Environment (OE) Watch)

Parameters: Journal of the U.S. Army War College                    



Prism (Center for Complex Operations)  

Small Wars Journal (Non-governmental)

Space & Defense (U.S Air Force Academy Eisenhower Center for Space & Defense Studies)



 Special Operations Technology (Non-governmental)

Strategic Forum

 Strategic Insights

Strategic Studies Quarterly

Strategika (Non-governmental-Courtesy Hoover Institution)

Texas National Security Review (non-governmental)

 Terrorism Focus (Non-governmental)



 U.S. Coast Guard Proceedings


World Affairs Journal (Non-governmental:  Current issue not full text.)

Australian Government National Security Policy Journals & Monographic Series

Australian Army Journal

Australian Defence Force Journal

Australian Strategic Policy Institute Annual Reports

Australian Strategic Policy Institute Proceedings

Australian Strategic Policy Institute Strategist

Pathfinder (Royal Australian Air Force)

RAAF Airpower Conference Proceedings

Security Challenges (Non-governmental-Courtesy: Institute for Regional Security)

NATO Review

NIFA Journal (In Portuguese-Produced by Air Force University)
Revista & Journal of Strategic Studies (In Portuguese-Produced by Superior War College)

Information & Security:  An International Journal

Canadian Government National Security Policy Journals

Royal Canadian Air Force Journal
Canadian Military Journal

Canadian Naval Review (Non-governmental-Courtesy-Dalhousie University-most recent 2 issues not online)
Journal of Military and Strategic Studies (Non-governmental)

Czech Republic
Defence & Strategy


Journal on Baltic Security (previously Baltic Security & Defense Review)

Journal of Military  Studies

Center for Strategic Aerospace Studies (In French)
The Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies


Air Power:  Journal of Air and Space Studies (Non-governmental)(Current issue embargoed)

CLAWS Journal (Non-governmental)
Journal of Defence Studies (Non-governmental)
Manekshaw Papers
Scholar Warrior (Non-governmental)
Strategic Analysis (Non-governmental)

International Maritime Organization
Current Awareness Bulletin


Military & Strategic Affairs (Non-governmental)
Strategic Assessment (Non-governmental)
Strategic Survey for Israel (Non-governmental)

Osservatorio Strategico


China Security Report

Defense of Japan (Annual white paper 2005-present)
East Asian Strategic Review
National Institute for Defense Studies (NIS) Security Studies


Latvian Foreign and Security Policy Yearbook  (Non-governmental:  Courtesy Latvian Institute of International Affairs)  2016   2017        2018             2019


Lithuanian Annual Strategic Review:  Journal of Military Academy of Lithuania

Military Digest


Security and Defence Quarterly

Journal of Defense Resources Management
Strategic Impact

Russian Military Review (In Russian)


Contemporary Military Challenges

South Africa
SA Soldier
Scientia Militaria:  South African Journal of Military Studies

South Korea
Korean Journal of Defense Analysis

Journal of Military & Information Science

United Kingdom
Air Power Review
British Army Journal (Published annually 2009-present)
Disaster & Military Medicine
The Gunner:  Regimental Magazine of the Royal Regiment of Artillery
Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps (Most recent six months not available)
Naval Review (Non-governmental.  Requires login and subscription)
Royal Air Force Historical Society Journal
Soldier Magazine

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