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Government Documents on Military History: International and Foreign Governments

Government Documents on Military History



Selected International and Foreign Government Sites


Parallel History Project on Cooperative History (NATO & Warsaw Pact)

Multinational Force & Observers

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Organization for Prevention of Chemical Weapons

Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe

Western European Union

Australian Army History Unit

Australian Army Journal

Australian Army Museum Network

Australia Defence Dept.

Australian Defence Force Journal

Australian Imperial Force (AIF) Project

 Australia National Archives 

Australian National Maritime Museum

Australian War Memorial (Includes digitized official Australian military histories of World Wars I & II.)

Australia Chief of Army History Conference

History of Australian Strategic Policy Since 1945

Journal of the Australian War Memorial


Reports of Admiral Jellicoe on Royal Australian Navy (4 vols. 1919)

Royal Australian Air Force Heritage Centre

Royal Australian Navy Heritage Centre

Sir John Monash Centre (At Villers-Brettoneaux Military Cemetery in France)



Canada Dept. of National Defence

Canada-Library & Archives Canada-Military History & Peacekeeping

Canadian War Museum

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

France Army Museum

France Defense Ministry

France Defense Ministry Historical Archives

France Defense Historic Service

France National Maritime Museums

Germany Bundeswehr (Military)

Germany Federal Ministry for Defense

Germany National Archives

Israel Defense Forces

Israel National Archives

Japan Ministry of Defense

Netherlands Institute for War Documentation

Netherlands Ministry of Defence

Netherlands National Archives

Netherlands National Maritime Museum

Netherlands National Military Museum (Opens late 2014)

New Zealand National War Memorial 

Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War (50 vols.)(Courtesy-New Zealand Electronic Text Centre)

Russia Ministry of Defense

South Africa Defence Dept.

South Africa National Archives

Switzerland Independent Commission Experts (1996-2002 commission summarizing Switzerland's World War II activities.  Most in German, some summaries in English)

United Kingdom Foreign Office Files for the Middle East 1971-1981 (Source: UK National Archives-Purdue Users Only)

United Kingdom Ministry of Defence

United Kingdom National Archives 

Royal Air Force

Royal Air Force Centre for Airpower Studies

Royal Air Force Historical Society

Royal Air Force Museum

British Army

Imperial War Museums

National Army Museum

British Journal for Military History (non-governmental)

National Maritime Museum

Royal Navy

Royal Naval Museum

House of Commons Defence Select Committee
(Documents Committee activities 1997-present)

Naval Review (British Royal Navy's professional journal-Free article access for articles older than 10 years)

Soviet and Warsaw Pact Military Journals (1961-1984)(Courtesy-CIA)

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