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Government Documents on Midwestern U.S. History: U.S. Government Internet

Government Documents on Midwestern U.S. History

U.S. Govt. Internet

Internet Resources

Although only a small portion of the historical literature produced by the U.S. Government and U.S. state governments is Internet accessible, there is a significant body of historical documentary material that has been digitized. A limited portion of this digitizing has been done by U.S. Government agencies such as the Library of Congress and, in selected instances by midwestern state government agencies. The following is a partial sampling of the growing variety of historical government information resources and finding aids on midwestern history that is Internet accessible:

American Memory Project Library of Congress-Provides access to a wide variety of digitized
U.S. History resources. Haymarket Affair trial transcripts and African-Americans in Ohio 1850-1920 relevant midwestern history resources.)
A Century of Lawmaking for New Nation: U.S. Congressional Documents & Debates 1774-1875
 Documents from the Continental Congress & Constitutional Convention 1774-1789

National Archives and Records Administration

GovINfo Federal legal, legislative, and regulatory information resources 1994/95-present and some earlier years..

Hathi Trust Catalog (Selected resources from CIC Institutions)

Historical Census Browser-Courtesy University of Virginia Library, this resource includes access to decennial census data from 1790-1960
Census of Population & Housing 1790-Present
Governor Morton (IN) Telegraph Books (Courtesy-Indiana State Archives & IUPUI Library Digital Collections
National Archives Chicago

National Archives Kansas City, Missouri

National Archives-Dayton, Ohio
National Park Service History & Culture
Smithsonian Libraries Digital Collections

Index to Records Groups (National Archives)

Territorial Papers of the United States

War Department Papers 1784-1800 (Courtesy-George Mason University)

William Henry Harrison Papers and Documents 1791-1864 (Courtesy:  Indiana Historical Society)

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