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Government Documents on Labor and Women's History: Reference

Government Documents on Labor and Women's History

Reference, Legal, and Regulatory

Reference, Legal, and Regulatory Sources

Statistical Abstract of the United States

Here for 2012 on

HSSE REF 317.3 ST29
HSSE DOC C 3.134:

Historical Statistics of the United States (Online-Purdue users only)

Measuring Worth  (Determine historical and current values of wages, prices, etc.)

What is a Dollar Worth? (Minneapolis Federal Reserve bank resource calculating U.S.
dollar value from 1913-present.)

HSSE REF 317.3 ST29sh
U.S. Government Manual HSSE REF 353 Un35
HSSE DOC AE 2.108/2:
Congressional Directory HSSE & HIKS Repository 328.73 Un28

Local Employment Dynamics Extraction Tool
(Census Bureau)

United States Code (Title 29)
Nexis Uni (Purdue Users Only)(Federal and state court case opinions.)

Federal Court Rules of Procedure (Courtesy: House Judiciary Committee, these documents include federal rules of appellate, bankruptcy, civil, and criminal procedure along with federal rules of evidence.)
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) (Title 29)
Federal Register
List of Sections Affected (LSA) (Tracks changes in federal regulations between their publication in the CFR and Federal Register.)
Unified Agenda (Appearing twice annually in Federal Register, this lists regulatory changes agencies anticipate making over the next six months.) (Comment on proposed federal regulations)

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Government Documents & Legal Citation Guide (Courtesy:  Indiana University Libraries)

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