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Government Documents on Agriculture: Executive

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Selected U.S. Government documents on agriculture from the executive branch include:

Agricultural Statistics of the U.S.
LIFE, MEL (Ag. Econ), STOR, &
VETM 630.83 Un20
USDA Farmers Bulletins LIFE, MEL, & HIKS Repository 630.83 Un9
USDA Technical Bulletins (Primarily an index-limited full text) & HERE LIFE MF A 1.36:
Agricultural Factbook MEL (Ag. Econ) A 1.38/2:
Agriculture Handbooks LIFE, MGMT (Ag. Econ),
HIKS Repository 630.83 Un16 & LIFE MF A 1.76:
Home & Garden Bulletins CFS & HIKS Repository 630.83 Un38
Soil Surveys
(Individual U.S. counties)
LIFE 630.8784 Un7
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  MEL (Ag. Econ) 630.8726 Un22 &
MEL MF A 67.7/3:
Crop Insurance Handbooks MEL (Ag. Econ) A 62.15:
Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Arrivals MEL MF A 88.12/31:
Agricultural Prices MEL 630.8571 Un7 &
MEL MF A 92.16:
Foreign Agricultural Trade of the U.S. MEL (Ag. Econ) 630.8726 Un18ca & MEL MF A 93.17/7:
Meat & Poultry Inspection Regulations LIFE A 110.6/2:
Census of Agriculture
(Also on CD-ROM vol. 1, vol. 2)
MEL REF C 3.31/4:

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