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Organic Synthesis Information Resources: Reagents

Databases, handbooks, and book series related to organic synthesis, including searching for information on specific reactions or more general information about functional groups, protecting groups, and name reactions.

Compilations of Reagents

Handbook of Reagents for Organic Synthesis

These handbooks are actually collections of various reagents from EROS (described above) that have been compiled into smaller handbooks of similar types of reagents.  Some we have in print and others are available online.

Print Volumes:

  • Catalyst Components for Coupling Reactions (CHEM 547.1395 C2803 2008)
  • Fluorine-Containing Reagents (CHEM 547.2 F673 2007)
  • Reagents for Direct Functionalization of C-H Bonds (CHEM 547.01 R228 2007)
  • Reagents for Glycoside, Nucleotide, and Peptide Synthesis (CHEM 547.7 R228 2005)
  • Reagents for High-Throughput Solid-Phase and Solution-Phase Organic Synthesis (CHEM 547.2 R228 2005)
  • Reagents for Radical and Radical Ion Chemistry (CHEM QD77 .R345 2008)

Online Volumes (through Knovel):