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Children's Literature: Finding Books Using Databases

This is a guide for finding information related to children's literature.

Sample Search of Children's Core Collection

Children's Literature Comprehensive Database sample search USE FIREBOX OR CHROME

Sample search of Picture Book Database

Video on Teaching Books

Databases for finding children's books.

Use these databases to identify books by an author or on a topic.  The first source is selective: use if to find the "best" or highly recommended books.  The second database is comprehensive; use it to find "all" books published that match your search.  Click on the "i" next to the title to see an annotation. 

Although Purdue Libraries may not have all the titles, you can request any title via InterLibrary Loan. 

Database of Award-Winning Children's Books

DAWCL has over 10,000 records from 113 awards across six English-speaking countries (United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, and Ireland). 

Subject Guide

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