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A research guide for service learning and civic engagement.


Interested in consultation for service learning?   

Dr. Sass provides an individualized and personalized service helping professors incorporate service learning into their course.  Dr. Sass also provides assistance with research methods that measure service learning for publication purposes. This is achieved by:

·         Helping discover applicable assessments and scales

·         Analysis of the course and what community service events would best support the course objectives

·         Assistance with article submission

Contact Dr. Margaret Shu-Mei sass at ext. 44477 or

Margaret Sass

Ashley Butler


There are many benefits to incorporating Service-Learning into your courses as Service-Learning is a method of teaching and learning that enriches academic experiences and life-long learning by engaging students in meaningful hands-on service in the community. Key components to Service-Learning include:

·         Connecting Service with Learning - academically rigorous, meaningful service with a significant positive impact upon those involved

·         Reflection - assessment of personal and community needs, reflection on participation, and evaluation of progress

·         Reciprocity - both the student and community partner give and receive time, energy, knowledge, and creativity

·         Critical Thinking - involvement in situations conducive to creative, effective problem-solving

·         Social Responsibility - expansion of student's compassion, civic awareness, and desire to be engaged in the community

·         Experiential Learning - use of direct experience and hands-on learning to develop skills useful in future careers, family life, and community involvement

·         Needs-Based - project based on community-identified needs 

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Please take this evaluation on a course you taught that implemented service learning.  Your responses will help guide us in our next service learning endeavors!